(All Answers)Amazon Quiz Answers today – 25 February 2018

All Answers of Amazon Quiz Today

Amazon Quiz Answers today


(All Answers)Amazon Quiz Answers today – 25 February 2018

Amazon Quiz answers today –  Hey Coolzdeals Readers, We Hope all are enjoying Free Recharge Tricks and take benefit of Free Paytm cash. As always we post amazon quiz first on the net with all correct answers.

(All Answers)Amazon Quiz Answers today - 5 February 2018

Amazon is organizing quiz and contest on amazon app.Coolzdeals always post quiz and contest answers first on net.So today we are here to come and you can get all live quiz with answers

So We Update this article regularly so the coolzdeals user will get all live quiz answers in the single post.


Amazon Fastrack Answers

1.  Which fitness band did Fastrack launch in 2017?

Answer -Reflex

2.  Which of these is NOT a part of a wristwatch?

Answer – Headlight

3. Which of the following music festivals was powered by Fastrack?

Answer – Vh1 Supersonic 2017

4. Which of these phrases is associated with the brand Fastrack?

Answer – Move On

5. Which of the following products are NOT offered by Fastrack?

Answer – Spaceships

Amazon Maybelline Quiz 

1. Which of these is not a make-up product?

Answer – Smoothie

2.Which of these phrases is associated with the brand Maybelline?

Answer – Make it happen

3. Who among these has been a brand ambassador for Maybelline, and recently released a new make-up line for the brand?

Answer – Gigi Hadid

4.Which of these beauty products are used on the eyes?

Answer – Eyeshadow

5.Which of these is NOT a range of lipsticks from Maybelline?

Answer – Bubble gum Matte

Amazon Voylla Quiz Answers

1.  A bangle typically is worn around which part of the body?

Answer- wrist

2. Which of these is not a kind of jewelry?

Answer- Tutonak

3. Which of these units is used to measure the mass of Diamonds?

Answer- caret

4. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in honor of whom?

Answer-  saint valentine

5. Which of these famous fictional pairs are lovers

Answer- Romeo and Juliet

Amazon Gift Card Quiz Answers

1.Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using Amazon Gift Cards?

Answer- Free Hugs With Every Purchase

2. Once claimed, Amazon Gift Cards get added as Amazon Pay balance

Answer- True

3. Amazon Gift Card are NOT available in which of the following physical formats?

Answer- Kryptonite

4. This Valentine’s Day, you can shop for a Gift Card and get _ % cashback on your purchase.

Answer-  10%

5.The Amazon Gift Cards store in India does NOT include cards for which of these occasions?

Answer- Full Moon Day

Amazon Pay Recharge Quiz Answers

1. You can recharge your prepaid mobile number on Amazon.in.

Answer- true

2. Currently, you can get flat _% cashback up to Rs. _ on prepaid mobile recharges. Fill in the blanks.

Answer- flat 50% cashback up to Rs.50

3. The cashback offer on mobile recharges is applicable on which payment methods?

Answer- net banking credit/debit cards, Amazon pay balance

4. The cashback offer is applicable to which telecom operators?

Answer-  all operators

5.Which of the following can you NOT do using Amazon Pay Balance?

Answer- cryptocurrency trading


Amazon February Quiz Answers 

1. What did Alexander Fleming introduce to the world on February 14th in 1929?

Answer- Penicillin

2. Which Italian city, where Romeo and Juliet lived in Shakespeare`s play, still receives about 1,000 letters on Valentine’s Day each year?

Answer- Verona

3.  In India, National Science Day is celebrated on 28th February to mark the discovery of?

Answer- Raman effect

4.  The whole month of February 2018 will not have a single full moon day. The last time this happened in February 1999.

Answer-  True

5. Which of these is a western zodiac sign associated with February?

Answer- Aquaries

6. Which term is also used to refer to the first full moon of February?

Answer- Ice moon

Amazon Aveeno Quiz Answers

1) Which of these products are used for skin care?

Answer: Lotion

2) Which of the following natural ingredients can be found in all Aveeno Body Lotions?

Answer: Oats

3) Which of these is NOT a benefit that Oats have on the skin?

Answer: Tickle the skin

4) The use of oats for skin care traces back to?

Answer: Ancient Egypt

5) Who is the global brand ambassador of Aveeno Body Lotions?

Answer: Jennifer anniston

Amazon Peora Valentine Jewellery Quiz Answers

1. The brand Peora offers products in which of the following?

Answer –  Sterling silver jewellery

2. Sterling Silver jewellery contains at least 92.5% silver by weight

Answer – True

3. Which milestone wedding anniversary is celebrated as Silver anniversary?

Answer – 25th

4. When is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Answer – 14th February

5. According to Roman mythology, which among these is considered to be the god of love and affection?

Answer –  Cupid

Amazon Quiz Time – Answer and Win Philips Car Air Purifier

1) Which of these is NOT a source of in-car air pollution?

Answer: Unicorn Dust

2) With the automatic switch on/off function, the Philips GoPure Compact 110 Car Air Purifier will switch on as soon as you start your car.

Answer: True

3) Which of these does the Philips GoPure car air purifier NOT reduce from your car?

Answer: Oxygen

4) What are the areas in your car where you can NOT mount the Philips GoPure car air purifier?

Answer: Spark plug

5) Philips GoPure air purifiers are compatible with which of the these cars?

Answer: All Cars


How to Play Amazon Quiz Contest?

1. Download Amazon App.

2. Install and Open App.

3. Log in or Register on Amazon.

4. Now, On the Home page, you will see the banner of Today’s Quiz.

5. Click on that, Quiz will Start.

6. See answers from Above and Win Amazon Quiz Prize.

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