CoinDCX Coupon Code Today

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CoinDCX Free Bitcoins Coupon Code is ”CZ201“

Signup & Instantly Get Free ₹1000 Bitcoins From CoinDCX Promo Code

CoinDCX Coupon Code Today, CoinDCX New Coupon Code, CoinDCX Code today, CoinDCX Promo Code, Code For CoinDCX: Hello Coolzdeals Readers, Here I am back with another coupon code offer where users will get free bitcoins. Last year we have looted CoinDCX Bitcoin Offer Code and that ran out of time now.

CoinDCX New Coupon Code Today
CoinDCX New Coupon Code Today

CoinDCX is back with another offer and this time they are giving Rs 100 worth of Bitcoin to everyone who is doing signup using mobile number. Users need to verify their mobile number via OTP. This offer is for all new users and currently there is no need to verify your KYC. So you guys can loot this as much as you can. This offer is for limited time only.

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CoinDCX Details:

CoinDCX Coupon CodeCZ201
LinkClick Here
Signup Bonus
Referral Bonus
Extra Bonus
₹100 Bitcoin

Buy, sell and hold top cryptocurrencies in India such as Bitcoin and invest in crypto using a safe and secure cryptocurrency wallet and a user-friendly interface for beginners.

CoinDCX Go is the best Bitcoin app for beginners to start their cryptocurrency investment journey. Now take your first safe and secure step towards crypto with just one swipe.

How to Get Free ₹400 Bitcoin From CoinDCX Go App

1. First of all Download CoinDCX Go app from Play Store from given link:

Click Here

2. Download app and tap on Sign up button

3. Now, you have to enter your basic details such as first name, last name and mobile number.

4. After that you have to verify your mobile number.

1. First Method To Get Free ₹100 Bitcoins

  • Now From Homepage > Add Bank account Details
  • Go to deposit & make a Deposit of ₹100 only
  • Now Buy BTC of ₹100 With Your Deposit Money
  • Click On Sale Them
  • Done !! You will get Extra ₹100 free BTC Within 24 Hours

1. Second Method to Get Another Free ₹151 Bitcoins

  • Go to Dashboard of the App and Tap on Have a CoinDCX Go Coupon Code Option
  • Enter Given CoinDCX Go Coupon Code To Get Rs.100 Worth of Bitcoins instantly in your Wallet.

5. Go to dashboard of the app and tap on have a CoinDCX Go Coupon Code option.

6. Enter given CoinDCX Go Coupon Code to get Rs.100 worth of bitcoins instantly in your wallet.

CoinDCX Working Coupon Code For Today

CoinDCX Go Coupon CodesBenefits
OFFER201Rs 201 Bitcoins Free
CZ201₹201 FREE Bitcoins
CZ151₹151 BTC Free
OFFER151₹151 BTC Free
BONUS201₹201 Bitcoins for Free
CZ100₹100 FREE Bitcoins
30EK100₹100 FREE Bitcoins
PAYTM100Bitcoins worth ₹100 for FREE
GET100₹100 FREE Bitcoin
COINDCXGO₹100 Free Bitcoin

How to get Another ₹151 Bitcoins for free:

CoinDCX : Coupon Code of ₹201:

Use this coinDCX code – OFFER201 & you will get assured ₹201 free Bitcoin as a new user bonus from CoinDCX. This offer is valid for new users only. Old users (users who signed up after 5th May 2021) will also get the benefit of this code.

This is an exclusive & official promo code of the coinDCX app of January 2022. Users can use the other code “BONUS201” also with this OFFER201 code & get the ₹201+₹201 cryptos for free just after signup. You need to do KYC & 1st Trade to unlock this free cryptocurrency you received from using coindcx ₹201 coupon codes.

Diwali Special Coupon code of CoinDCX App:DIWALI200

On the auspicious occasion of diwali in India, Coindcx has released this exclusive coupon code to get the ₹200 free Bitcoins. Though diwali is over this code is still working if you want to grab some new signup perks from the coindcx app.

Use code is – DIWALI200 & you will get assured ₹200 free Bitcoin as a diwali bonus from CoinDCX. This offer is available for all old & new users. Old users (users who signed up after 5th May 2021)

Another ₹150Bitcoins FREE

CoinDCX ₹150 Coupon Code From Flipkart :

As we already Know Flipkart has a special dedicated gaming section & video section in their app. Users can watch some daily videos like Fake or not, Who did it, Daam Sahi hai, etc & earn some free Supercoins & rewards like free coindcx codes & coinswitch kuber coupon codes. Today, they are offering the ₹150 coupon code of the coindcx app.

Play Today’s Flipkart Fake Or Not Fake Quiz Answers Game and Get INR 150 CoinDCX Go Voucher Free.

Another ₹150Bitcoins FREE

CoinDCX ₹150 Coupon Code From MagicPin :

MagicPin the popular gift vouchers & online deal booking app is offering the Coindcx coupons too with just ₹15 payment. users can get the ₹150 worth of CoinDCX coupon from MagicPin by paying the ₹15 only.

Follow the below steps to get the code:

  1. Download the Magicpin app and search for CoinDCX go coupon.
  2. Buy INR 150 CoinDCX Go voucher by just paying INR 15.

Another ₹150 + ₹100 Bitcoins FREE

CoinDCX ₹100 Coupon Code from PayTM:

Paytm is also officially running the few coupon codes of India’s top cryptocurrency app. Users can use any of the below-given codes to get a free signup bonus in the coindcx app.

Enter given CoinDCX coupon codes one by one and get ₹100 + ₹150 + ₹100 = ₹350 Bitcoins Free.

PAYTM100: ₹100 Free Bitcoins
PAYTM150: ₹150 Free Bitcoins

₹200 Bitcoins For Free

₹200 Bitcoin Coupon Code from Halaplay:

Halaplay is one of India’s Best fantasy cricket apps. Halaplay is also offering free Bitcoins in their app. New users have to signup & do the 1 deposit in the Halaplay app to get the free Bitcoins coupon of ₹200 of CoinDCX. This offer is valid for new users of Both Apps. After a successful deposit of ₹50 or More users will receive the CoinDCX

ode in their SMS box. New users need to apply this code in the coindcx app after signup to grab the free bitcoins.

₹150 Free CoinDCX Bitcoins From Flipkart

Flipkart ₹150 Coupon Code of CoinDCX:

Flipkart is offering ₹150 coupons of coindcx with Super coins. You can use Your Supercoins to Redeem this coupon from Flipkart. Follow the below method.

Visit This Flipkart Page – Claim Offer – Get ₹150 Free BTC CoinDCX Promo Code.

So these are the working offers right now to claim free Bitcoins…

CZ201₹201 Bitcoins Free
OFFER201₹201 BTC Free
Flipkart Game₹150 Free BTC
DIWALI200Free ₹200 Bitcoins
PAYTM100₹100 Free BTC
PAYTM150₹150 Free BTC
CZ100₹100 Free BTC
Halaplay Code₹200 Free BTC
MagicPIN₹150 Free BTC
Flipkart CouponBitcoins Worth ₹150 Free
Total Free BTC= ₹1351 Free BTC
CoinDCX New Coupon Code Today
CoinDCX New Coupon Code Today

7. Apply all of above CoinDCX code and apply it.

CoinDCX New Coupon Code Today
CoinDCX New Coupon Code Today

8. You will Get Rs.1000 Worth of Free Bitcoins which you can check from your Investment.

CoinDCX New Coupon Code Today
CoinDCX New Coupon Code Today

9. Your balance will be locked for next 30 days so you need to wait to withdraw it in your bank account.

10. Profit is that Bitcoin rate is going high and high so within 30 days your Rs.100 value will be go up and up.

11.Do Share this Limited Time Offer from CoinDCX Go Free Bitcoins.

Republic day Offer: Get ₹200 Bitcoins +₹200 Metic For Free

CoinDCX app is running the “Republic Day Festival” in their blog. They are giving away flat ₹200 Free MATIC Tokens & Free ₹201 Bitcoins. Offer is available for new & Old users if they have received the notification from the app. If you don’t know about the trading then don’t worry just follow the below steps & grab the Free MATIC coins as well as Free Bitcoins.

Steps to Get this offer:
  1. First of All, Create a New Account on CoinDCX if you haven’t Joined CoinDCX to date. :
  2. Open CoinDCX App and Complete Sign Up Process and Redeem this CoinDCX Coupon code: CZ201
  3. You will get instant ₹201 Free Bitcoins
  4. After Successful KYC Must Deposit ₹110 Using Mobikwik/Bank
  5.  Now Complete Your First Purchase Of any cryptocurrency listed on the CoinDCX app during the program duration.
  6.  Purchase ₹500+ Bitcoins or any other crypto Using added wallet balance
  7. Old Users will also be eligible for this 2022 Republic Day offer if they have received communication from CoinDcx.
  8. All Users who will complete their Crypto Purchased would be rewarded with MATIC coins worth ₹200 directly
  9. The offer is valid till 31st January 2022

CoinDCX Coupon Code For Old Users:

CoinDCX’s almost all circulating coupon codes & offers are for new users only. But few codes are running officially by coindcx for existing users. Few of these codes are officially promoted on wallet apps like Paytm, Mobikwik, etc. These codes can be usable again if you are an old user of coinDCX. Below are the CoinDCX Coupon codes for Old / Existing Users :

CoinDCX Coupon code for Old Users:

Coupon Code for Old UsersRewards
PAYTMDCX₹100 FREE Bitcoins
PAYTM101₹101 FREE Bitcoins
PAYTM151₹151 free Coins
INFINITEUpto ₹500 cash on deposite
PAISA100₹100 Worth BTC + ₹50 Lakh to be win

These coupon codes are account-specific & may not work in all accounts. There are some terms & conditions mentioned about these codes in Paytm & Mobikwik official apps. So for more info, you can head over there.

CoinDCX Terms and Conditions:

  1. The offer is only applicable for users who have registered on and after 5th May, 2021.
  2. Coupons are valid for a limited time only. CoinDCX reserves the right to modify or cancel coupons at any time.
  3. CoinDCX holds the right to reverse the funds in case any fraud/suspicious activity is detected without any prior notice.
  4. The coupon code is limited to one per customer.
  5. CoinDCX has no obligation for payment of any tax in conjunction with the distribution or use of any coupon.
  6. CoinDCX shall not be liable for any loss of funds due to price movements or reversal of the offer if a user fails to unlock within 30 days.
  7. You can only unlock free bitcoin by depositing INR from your bank account within 30 days.
  8. Depositing crypto to your wallet & transacting is not considered as a criteria to unlock your free bitcoin.
  9. Coupons are void if restricted or prohibited by law.
  10. We have a mechanism to identify the user as per the Voucher Code. We might be using different voucher codes with a similar mechanism of rewards.

CoinDCX FAQ : Coupon codes & Offers

What is the coupon code of CoinDCX?
” CZ201 ” is the coupon code of CoinDCX app. By using the coupon code users will get assured ₹100 Free bitcoins in their wallet

How do you get ₹100 free bitcoin in CoinDCX?
We can get Free ₹100 bitcoins by using the Exclusive CoinDCX Coupon Code : CZ201

How Do i Get Referral code of CoinDCX?
Currently , CoinDCX has stopped the Referral activity. Still If Available in your account then you can get Your referral code from account section.

How can i get free Bitcoins instantly?
CoinDCX is giving away Free ₹100 bitcoins instantly. You just have to download the app , complete signup process & apply coupon code to claim Free bitcoins.

Why My balance is locked in CoinDCX?
Free Bitcoin Balance is Locked In CoinDCX & To Unlock it , Users have to Buy & Sell ₹100 Or More Bitcoins.

How do i get a promo code for Coindcx Go?
You can get CoinDCX Promo code from apps like Paytm , PhonePe , MagicPin, Mobikwik etc. by doing the transaction. Also You can get promo code from Flipkart by using your Supercoins


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