(Official Method)How to Delete Your Paytm Account Permanently?


Delete Paytm Account

(Official Method)How to Delete Your Paytm Account Permanently?

Delete Paytm Account Permanently – Hello Guys, We all know that in the Current Situation may people don’t Want their Paytm Account as the steal of Aadhaar Details. So, We decided to post an article to show you how to delete Paytm Account Permanently? Subscribe to Our Coolzdeals Telegram Channel For Latest Loot Deals from Amazon and Flipkart.

(Official Method)How to Delete Your Paytm Account Permanently?

You can delete Account if you’re facing Problems with App. These Process will take up to 3 Days. It is not an Instant Process. Also, Paytm Don’t let you delete your account easily You need Perfect Reason. We have a few Method which is guided step by step, you can check below and choose one from that. If You have some Queries you can comment Below.

Methods to Delete Paytm Account:

  1. Delete Paytm Via Blocking Your Account.
  2. Paytm Delete from Chat Method
  3. Changing Number, and Remove Registered Number.
  4. Request Deletion of Paytm to Customer Care Service.
  5. Paytm Delete Via Mail Service
  6. Direct Delete of Paytm Account (Available on Old Paytm)

How to Delete Paytm Account from Chat Method?

  1. Firstly Open Paytm App of in Which You want to Delete.

2. Now, Click on Top Right Corner. (3 Lines)

3. Go to 24×7 Help

4. Go to the First click on Fewer Products & Survives.


5. Now, Click on Profile & KYC 

6. The, Go to Account Settings.

(Official Method)How to Delete Your Paytm Account Permanently?(Official Method)How to Delete Your Paytm Account Permanently?

7. Click on  I need to Permanently close / Delete my account.

(Official Method)How to Delete Your Paytm Account Permanently?

8. As Reason click on I don’t use this Paytm account

9. Now, Click on Message Us, and Write Reason to Delete Paytm Account.

(Official Method)How to Delete Your Paytm Account Permanently?


10. In 48 Hrs You will get Link to Delete Paytm Account or Ignore Delete Request.

How to Change Number and Delete Old Registered Paytm Number?

Paytm allows to change Number and Register with Another Paytm Number. So, You can change your Permanent Number. You should log in with Your Old Account to Delete Permanent Number.

1. Log in with Your Permanent Number.

2. Click on Profile Section

3. Now, Go to Edit Profile

4. You will see Phone Number, Edit Phone Number, and Change with you want to change.

5. Click on Save Number.

6. You have to do OTP Verification, So, Enter OTP and Done.

7. You deleted your Old Paytm.

8. Now, Again on Login Enter your New Number in ID.

How to Delete Paytm by Mail Service Method?

You can Direct Mail to Paytm for Request for Deletion of Paytm Account. Just Do a Direct Mail to Care@Paytm.com with Proper Reasons.

  1. Go to Your Email

2. Write Mail as I Mention Below

Hello Sir, I don’t Use this Paytm Account. So, I want to Permanent Delete This Account. My KYC Verification is Completed. So Please Accept My Request for Deletion of Paytm Account.

3. After This, you will get a Link for Deletion of Paytm.

How to Delete Paytm By Customer Care Service?

You can Give Request for Delete Paytm Account on Customer Care Service. You can Call on 0120 3888 388. You have to Give Proper Reason so, Tell them I dont use this Paytm Account. After Requesting, You will get a Link or Confirmation Email.

They will Create your issue and Finally, Your Request will be Accepted.

How to Block Paytm Using Website?

  1. Go to Paytm Website from here – Click Here

2. Now, Log in with Your account which You want to Delete.

3. Go to My Account and Then, I am unable to access my Account.

4. Then Go to My mobile number is lost or unavailable, how do I log in and get my wallet balance?

5. Again You have to Message Paytm So, Click on Message us

6. Now, Enter Your Problem and Submit Your Request for Delete Paytm.

7. You will get Link for Delete Paytm or Confirmation Mail.

Final Words – So, These are the methods to Delete Paytm Account Permanently. If You have Some Queries Related to This you can comment Below. We will Help You in the Best way from us.

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