How to Download Aadhaar Card without mobile number ?

Download Aadhaar Card without mobile number

How to Download Aadhaar Card without mobile Number ?

Download Aadhaar Card without Mobile Number -Hey Coolzdeals Readers, I hope you have checked Delete Your Paytm Account Permanently , Remove Aadhaar Card from Bank Accounts.

Download Aadhaar Card without registered mobile number

People are Regularly asking New Questions related to Aadhaar. We are trying to give all answers very Clearly with full Guide and Information. The New Questions which can be said Problems are faced by People are How do I download my Aadhaar card if I have lost my registered mobile number? how can I download my Aadhar card without otp?

All These Questions can be Answered in the Single article. The common problem with this Question Raised is Losing Mobile Phone and SIM.

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How to Download Aadhaar Card without Mobile Number?

Honestly, This is not Possible. You must have to Verify with OTP for Downloading Aadhaar. But we have Solution to this Problem. You can Change Mobile Number by Offline Method. Yes! This is the permanent solution to this Problem. Changing Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card needs Simple Steps and need only one Proof.

Changing Mobile number is Solution is better because you have to use This aadhaar card in future also. So, After changing Mobile Number, you can give OTP and Download Aadhaar Card.

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How to Change Aadhaar Mobile Number Offline?

1. Visit Near Aadhaar Center where Aadhaar is Made.

2. Tell them to Update your Aadhaar Card Mobile Number.

3. Aadhaar Center Worker will fill Online Form of Yours.

4. He/She will Take your Biometric Identification and Photo.

5. You will get Enrollment Id Receipt.

6. Done.

Now, After Some Days You can Download Aadhaar card With New Mobile Number and OTP.

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Final Words – This is the method by which your Problem Can Be Solved. I saw many articles related to this but in all Articles, you will see Answer No Without any Solution. But we added Solution for you, So your Problem Can Be Solved.

In Changing Mobile Number I have Personal Experience it takes only 10 Min. to fill the form and they asked me for any Proof. I gave College ID proof, in which Mobile Number is there. So, you have to go with proof which includes your Permanent Mobile Number.

If you have Queries related to this you can Ask in Comment Section.

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