Free Paytm Cash Apps: Best Walk & Earn Apps In 2023 to Earn Free Paytm Cash

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Free Paytm Cash Apps

Free Paytm Cash AppsWe all know that many apps give free Paytm cash for Playing Games, Referring Friends, and many more. Today I will show which are the best instant giving Free Paytm Cash Apps. I have the list of the Top 15 Apps that are personally Verified by me. For exciting offers, we recommend you to join our Telegram Channel.

I will show you a trick to get Free Paytm Cash from Apps with Proof and Step by step-by-step procedure. These apps are Genuine and taken from the Google Play store, not from Unverified Sites. Without Wasting Time Look here at our list of Instant Giving Free Paytm Cash Apps.

List Of Walk And Earn Apps in 2023

NumberBest Walk And Earn AppsDownload link
1RuntopiaClick Here
2FitPotatoClick Here
3beFITTER AppClick Here
4Jeewith App
5LympoClick Here
6Life CoinClick Here
7Charity Miles AppClick Here
8Sweat Coin AppClick Here
9Rover AppClick Here
10StepSetGo AppClick Here
11STREADS AppClick Here
12Growfitter AppClick Here

How To Use Any Walk And Earn App?

Walking and earning apps are a great way to get rewards and prizes while staying healthy. Most people walk around 2000 steps every day, burning calories without receiving any rewards. However, with walk and earn apps, you can earn extra cash or rewards just by walking. Here’s a list of top walk-and-earn apps that work on both Android and iOS platforms.

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Many of these walk-and-earn apps utilize GPS tracking to accurately measure your location and the number of steps you take. The process is simple just tap the start button, and the app will begin counting your steps. Whether your phone is in your hand, bag, pocket, or armband, these apps can automatically record your steps even if your screen is locked. It’s a fun and rewarding way to earn while staying active! So, have fun walking and earning with these apps.

Here is the list of Walk & Earn apps in India.

1. Runtopia

Runtopia is an exceptional app with a multitude of features that distinguish it from its competitors. One notable feature is the ability to earn points, which can be redeemed for free money via PayPal, electronic goods, and other exciting prizes. While the core functionality aligns with many other apps, Runtopia stands out through its unique rewards system, providing users with an additional incentive to stay active and engaged.

Runtopia distinguishes itself by offering functions not found in other programs. For instance, it provides auditory motivation tailored to individuals who respond well to coaching. The app also features personalized training plans and a running community where users can connect, ask questions and share experiences. These unique features enhance the overall user experience, making Runtopia stand out in the realm of fitness apps.

Runtopia App Link :Click Here
Signup Bonus$2
Referral Bonus
Rewards :PayPal money, electronics

2. FitPotato

This application is ideal for weight loss programs, as it can track both daily meals and workouts, essential elements for individuals striving to achieve their weight loss goals. Functioning as a personalized trainer, it provides comprehensive support for those working towards weight loss, making it a valuable tool in the journey to achieve fitness objectives.

The app’s user interface is compatible with both iPhone and Android operating systems, ensuring accessibility on a wide range of mobile devices. Its efficient user interface (UI) facilitates easy downloading on any device. The app operates on a “walk and earn” policy, offering weekly prizes. To qualify for these prizes, users need to complete all three steps within a given week. This approach encourages consistent engagement and activity to maximize the rewards available.

Runtopia App Link :Click Here
Signup Bonus$
Referral Bonus
Rewards :USDT, 1000 dollars


beFITTER is a web3 application with a primary focus on fitness and social networking. In this platform, users have the unique opportunity to temporarily possess virtual shoes that come with specific stats such as durability, support, luck, and range. Similar to the concept of “the shoes you want to get,” users can utilize the trial function. To earn BUSD Tokens, users are required to engage in physical activities like walking, running, or cycling while using these virtual shoes.

Free Paytm Cash Apps: Best Walk & Earn Apps In 2023 to Earn Free Paytm Cash

Additionally, BUSD Tokens can be earned by completing various tasks within the application. This innovative approach integrates fitness, virtual assets, and cryptocurrency rewards to create an engaging and rewarding experience for users.

beFITTER App Link : (Z9G23312)Click Here
Signup Bonus1 BUSD
Referral Bonus
Rewards :BUSD Tokens

4. Jeewith

Jeewith is a highly effective habit tracker application designed to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. In our busy daily lives, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and drained. When you reach a point of exhaustion, it can impact your productivity at work if self-care is not prioritized. Jeewith aims to address this by providing a platform for tracking and cultivating positive habits, ensuring you can manage your well-being even in a hectic schedule.

Free Paytm Cash Apps: Best Walk & Earn Apps In 2023 to Earn Free Paytm Cash

By leveraging the power of this remarkable habit-building software, we aim to support you in maintaining and enhancing your health. Make Jeewith your daily goal tracker, kickstart your journey, and make strides toward a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Embrace the features of Jeewith to track your habits effectively and stay motivated on your path to wellness.

Jeewith App Link :
Signup Bonus
Referral Bonus
Rewards :Products

5. Lympo

This remarkable app offers users a diverse range of intriguing rewards for accomplishing their fitness tasks. Upon successful completion of designated activities within the app, users are rewarded with LYM coins, which can be redeemed for their preferred sports equipment featured in the rewards section of the website. To get started, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link after submitting the form.

Free Paytm Cash Apps: Best Walk & Earn Apps In 2023 to Earn Free Paytm Cash

Additionally, participation in challenges on the site may require users to share a recent photo of their body. This unique reward system adds an extra layer of motivation and engagement to the fitness journey.

Lympo App Link :Click Here
Signup BonusTokens
Referral Bonus
Rewards :Gift Cards

6. Life Coin

You can trade these digital coins for different rewards like gift cards and sports items. The app’s reward list gets new freebies every day. Earn life coins for each step you take with GPS confirmation. The more steps you take, the more you can earn.

Free Paytm Cash Apps: Best Walk & Earn Apps In 2023 to Earn Free Paytm Cash

Exchange your Lifecoins for various items such as gift cards and sports products. Make sure to check every day for the chance to win our latest rewards, as we’re always adding new products.

Life Coin App Link :Click Here
Signup BonusOn Steps
Referral Bonus
Rewards :Gift Cards

7. Charity Miles

The Charity Miles App is a tracker for running, cycling, and walking. It records the miles you cover in your fitness routine. Using Charity Miles as your exercise tracker can help you reach your fitness goals. Join friends or official teams for added motivation in your fitness journey.

Free Paytm Cash Apps: Best Walk & Earn Apps In 2023 to Earn Free Paytm Cash

The Charity Miles App is a tracker for running, cycling, and walking. It records the miles you cover in your fitness routine. Using Charity Miles as your exercise tracker can help you reach your fitness goals. Join friends or official teams for added motivation in your fitness journey.

Charity Miles App Link :Click Here
Signup Bonus20 Coins
Referral Bonus10 Coins
Rewards :Charity For Cancer Patients

8. Sweat Coin

You can earn sweatcoins whether you work out at home or outside. The Sweatcoin app’s activity tracker helps you monitor your progress by counting steps and tracking your exercise. It’s a Walk And Earn app that rewards you with sweat coins for walking or engaging in any activity. The healthier and more active you become, the more wealth you accumulate, as movement is considered valuable.

Free Paytm Cash Apps: Best Walk & Earn Apps In 2023 to Earn Free Paytm Cash

Get Sweatcoin by downloading the app and enjoy redeeming offers for free through our marketplace, which is packed with exclusive discounts and products. Whether on your smartphone or Smart Watches, Sweatcoin tracks your daily activity, assisting you in reaching your walking goal. The app runs in the background without draining your battery, acting as a distance tracker and pacer by counting your steps.

Sweat Coin App Link :Click Here
Signup Bonus20 Coins
Referral Bonus20 Coins
Rewards :Electronic Devices, Phone Cases, Mobile Phones

9. Rover

The Rover app is made for dog lovers by The Dog PeopleTM. It’s an international app designed for pet owners. Rover is the top pet-sitting and dog-walking app that offers rewards and cash prizes for completing tasks and more. With Rover, booking trustworthy pet care is made simple.

Free Paytm Cash Apps: Best Walk & Earn Apps In 2023 to Earn Free Paytm Cash

You can contact and message sitters and dog walkers directly from the app. Stay connected with messages from sitters while you’re on the move. The app provides a map of your dog’s walk, along with alerts for pee/poo and food/water, plus a personalized note from your sitter or dog walker. Currently, this app is available in countries such as the U.K., Europe, the U.S., and Canada.

Rover App Link :Click Here
Signup Bonus20 Coins
Referral Bonus5 Coins
Rewards :Cash Rewards

10. StepSetGo

StepSetGo (SSG) is a comprehensive app featuring a step counter, pedometer, calorie counter, and sports tracker. It rewards you for every step you take, aiming to make health, fitness, and workouts enjoyable, even indoors. Simply walk daily and earn SSG Coins for each step. These coins can be redeemed for freebies such as Mi Band, PlayStation 4, iPhone XS, and more.

Free Paytm Cash Apps: Best Walk & Earn Apps In 2023 to Earn Free Paytm Cash

StepSetGo structures your fitness journey into 5 levels. Increase your daily walking to upgrade your level, and each level upgrade provides the opportunity to earn more SSG Coins daily. This app is among the most downloaded Walk & Earn Apps in India and many other countries. Walk every day to earn SSG Tokens, which can be withdrawn for various rewards.

StepSetGo App Link :Click Here
Signup Bonus5 SSG Coins
Referral Bonus5 SSG Coins
Rewards :Fujifilm Camera , Amazon FireTV Stick , EarPods


STREADS is a step recorder app that rewards you with streadcoins for your steps. You can redeem these coins for various rewards like electronic gadgets, e-bikes, fitness equipment, apparel, and more. The app is personally recommended by the user, and reviews for Walk And Earn Apps for Streads App are positive, highlighting its genuineness. STREADS emphasizes the importance of a disciplined approach and consistent walking.

Free Paytm Cash Apps: Best Walk & Earn Apps In 2023 to Earn Free Paytm Cash

While our daily running and walking routines often go unrewarded, the Streads App stands out by offering rewards for your daily activities. Streads provides the necessary incentive and motivation to encourage you to become more active and energized every day, turning your routine into a rewarding experience.

STREADS App Link :Click Here
Signup Bonus5 Coins
Referral Bonus5 Coins
Rewards :Bluetooth Speaker, Earbuds, Fit Band, Galaxy Fit, Echo dot

12. Growfitter

Growfitter is a groundbreaking fitness app that gamifies the fitness journey, motivating users to get fit. Whether you walk, run, cycle, or take a health quiz, you can win rewards. It’s a Walk And Earn App that provides precise tracking and rewards for walking. Growfitter is dedicated to making the world a fitter place, spreading joy along the way in the pursuit of fitness.

Free Paytm Cash Apps: Best Walk & Earn Apps In 2023 to Earn Free Paytm Cash

Earn 1 Growfitter Point for every 1,000 steps you take daily. Use these points to choose from a variety of products, and enjoy free delivery to your home. Whether you walk, run, cycle, or take a health quiz, completing an Active Day on the app earns you rewards, making it a fun and rewarding fitness experience.

Growfitter App Link :Click Here
Signup Bonus20 Coins
Referral Bonus5 Coins
Rewards :Mountain Bike, Gold Coin, Mobile Phone, Alexa, Yoga Mat, Vouchers

1. Free Paytm Cash Apps: 4FUN App 

4FUN App is the Online Video sharing App. This app is giving Free Paytm Cash from referring Friend to this App. You have to just share your URL and when your Friend Download and Sign up, You will get Reward.

Get more Details and download App from here –  4Fun Refer And Earn – Get Rs 30 Paytm Cash On Signup + Rs 7 Per Refer


How to Earn Free Paytm Cash from 4FUN App?

1. Firstly download the 4Fun App From Below button – Click Here

2. Install and Open App.

(Note –  Install App from an above-given link only to Get Rs 50)

3. Skip Few steps and then click on the top left corner button.

4. Sign up for anyone option  facebook, Google+

5. Enter your 10 Digit Paytm mobile number and click on submit.

6. Your Rs 50 will be credited to Your Account within 2-3 Working days.

7. Share 4Fun Refer And Earn offer with your Friends to earn more.

For referral link share any video with a friend on WhatsApp.


(Proof Added)4Fun Refer And Earn – Get Rs 30 Paytm Cash On Signup + Rs 5 Per Refer

Extra: How to Get Free Paytm Cash from PayBox?

1. Go to the Paybox official website – CLICK HERE

2. Sign up Using Your Google Account.

3. You will get Verification Email, Just Open it.

4. Click on Verify Your Email to Activate Account.

5. Now, Verify your Mobile Number with OTP and Link Your Paytm Account.

6. You will get Rs.10 in Your Paybox Account.

7. You will get Refer now at the bottom, Share with the Friends & Earn More.

8. Enjoy.

Note – Minimum Redeem is Rs.50

2. Free Paytm Cash Apps: Rozdhan App

Roz Dhan is India’s best Money earning App which also provides Millions of best entertaining Contents like Viral Videos and Trending Articles. Rozdhan app is one the best-earning app right now.

This App is Giving Rs.50 on Sign up + Rs.5/Per Refer. The Minimum Redeem is Rs.200 Only. But Amazing thing about this App is this App Gives Money on Refer’s Refer. Means If you refer a Friend, and then your Freind refers a New Friend you will get Bonus for Both of this Refer. In Short, You will earn in Network.

How to Earn Free PayTM Cash from Rozdhan App?

1, First of Download App from Given Link here – Download

2. Now, You will be Redirected to Browser or Playstore. Download the App.

3. Install app and Open it. Select Language.

4. Now, Enter Your Unregister Number on Sign up.

5. Verify Your Mobile Number and Allow all permissions.

6. For Sign up Bonus Enter Below Refer Code –


7. You will Get instantly 1250 Coins Sign Up Bonus + 1250 Coins For Entering Given Refer Code = Rs.25 + Rs.25, Total Rs.50.

8. You can Also Earn Free Coins By Completing Profile or Sharing Articles.

9. Enjoy.

3. Free Paytm Cash Apps: MPL App

MPL is the biggest gaming app in India based on the number of unity games, special tournaments, and formats. MPL is available in all states where permissible by extant law.

MPL App is Giving Chance to Win Free Rs.1500 PayTM Cash By Just Refer Freinds. You can Just Refer 2 Freinds and Earn Rs.15 Easily. See Below Full Trick.

How to Earn Free PayTM Cash from MPL App?

1, First of All, Download MPL App from Here – Download

2. You will be Redirected to PlayStore. Now, Install and Open App.

3. Enter Your Mobile Number and Refer Code Given Below. (To Get Free 50 Tokens)


4. Then, Enter OTP and Verify it.

5. After that, you will be redirected to the Dashboard.

6. Go to Wallet and Then Refer Friends.

7. Share your Refer Link and Tell Your Friends to Install with Referral Code.

8. You will get Free PayTM Cash as Follow:

  • On 2 Refers – Rs.15 Free PayTM Cash
  • Refer 3 More – Rs.20 Free PayTM Cash
  • Refer 5 More – Rs.40 Free PayTM Cash
  • Refer 10 More – Rs.100 Free PayTM Cash
  • Refer 15 More – Rs.180 Free PayTM Cash
  • Refer 25 More – Rs.400 Free PayTM Cash
  • Refer 40 More – Rs.750 Free PayTM Cash

9. Also, You can earn by Participating in Leagues.

10. Enjoy.


(Proof) MPL App - Earn Free Rs.1500 PayTM Cash By Refer & Earn

4. Free Paytm Cash Apps –  CashBoss App

Cashboss is the App for Earning Free Paytm Cash and Also Free Recharge. They are giving Rs.15 Per Refer. If you’re not interested in Referring Friends, You Can Download Apps, Complete Tasks and Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash From It.

Download Apps and Get Details from here – Cashboss App – Get Free Rs.15 Free Paytm Cash/Refer

How to Earn Free Paytm Cash from Cashboss App?

1. Download the app – Click Here

2. Install and open the app

3. Enter your mobile number.

4. Then, verify mobile number using OTP

5. Enter Referral Code –


6. Now you are eligible for Spin the wheel and Downloading Apps and earn. You can also refer and earn Free Paytm Cash.


Cashboss App - Get Free Rs.15 Free Paytm Cash/Refer

5. Free Paytm Cash Apps –  NewsDog App

News Dog App gives you the latest news, breaking news & developing stories, headlines of today, local news & world news. They are Giving Rs.50 Paytm Cash on Sign up and Rs.20 Per Refer. Also, Extra Moey on Daily Check-in Reading News and Articles. See from Below and Earn Free Paytm Cash.

How to Earn Rs.50 Paytm Cash on Sign up and Rs.20 Per Refer?
  1. Firstly Download The NewsDog App From Here – Click Here


2. Open The App & Select Language HINDI.

3. Now, Go To Profile Page And Click On Sign Up With Facebook or Google Option

4. Complete The SignUp And You Have 2500 Coins as Rs.50 in Your Account.

5. Again Go To Home Page Of The App & You Will See “Rupee Symbol” on Top.

6. Click on it, Now, Share Your link to Your Friends to Get Rs.20 Per Refer.

7. Hurray! Refer more and Earn More.

Note – Not Only By Sharing, but you can also earn Coins by Daily Check-in, Read Articles and News and More.

Proof – 

NewsDog - Free Paytm Cash Apps

Final Words: 

These are the Apps which are giving Free Paytm Cash Instantly. These all are Verifies and for this, We had Also added Proof. If you have some Queries or better Free Paytm Cash Apps Please Comment Below we will first verify and post here. Enjoy.


  1. In newsdog no one getting payment now a days….it is still processing from last 2 weeks..
    My rewards 4000rs processing
    #admin is it real?

  2. The pay-box app doesn’t give 100 rupees as sign up bonus, it just gives you 10 rupees. Maybe you guys put an extra 0, plz update it


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