How to Get Free Kilometers in Google Pay Go India Contest?


Free Kilometers GoogePay Go India

How to Collect Free Kilometers in Google Pay Go India Contest?

We all know that Googe Pay has Launched New Go India Contest, From which we can earn Up to Rs.500 Directly in Bank. You have to Collect kilometers & City Tickets to Earn Money in Bank. We are Adding all Methods to Earn or Collect kilometers in Google Pay Go India Contest.

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Just Follow the below tasks to Get Free kilometers in Google Pay Go India Contest. You can Request City Tickets by Posting links in Comment Section.

How to Get Free Kilometers from Google Pay Go India Contest?

Google Pay Free KM

1. Morning Gift – You will receive Free KM daily on opening the game 1st Time in The Day.

2. Pay to Google Pay Users – Send Money to your Google pay Friend Daily to Earn kilometers. No Minimum Spend.

3. Transfer Money to any Bank Account – Get Free kilometers on Sending Money to Any Bank Account. No Minimum Spend.

4. Send Money To Any UPI ID – Collect Free KM by doing payment using UPI to Another UPI Id of Recipient. No Minimum Spend.

5. Gift City Tickets to Friends – You can Receive & Earn Extra KM upon gifting your city ticket to Your friend.  You can collect KM once per friend that you gifted your city ticket.

6. Share City Photo – Receive Free KiloMeters on sharing city photos with a friend. You will get randomly a city ticket or KM.

7. Earn For Friend – You and Your Friend can collect Kilometers for each other. Click on the My Friends section on the game screen, choose a friend to visit their city, and Clic on the KM bubble on their game screen to claim on their behalf.

8. Collect Before Expiry of Kilometers – The Kilometers will Disappear after 48 Hours, So Collect it before it expires.

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