Google Pay Go India – Visit Kolkata & Earn Upto 100 in Bank

Google Pay Go India Free City Tickets KM

Collect City Tickets & Get ₹101 – ₹501 In Bank: Google Pay Go India Contest

Google Pay Go India Offer, Collect Google Pay Go India City Tickets, Collect Google Pay Go India Kilometer – Hello Guys, Google Pay is Back Again with Another Amazing Contest. Last time You all Looted, Rs.2020 & Up to Rs.3000 from Google Pay 2020 Cake Offer & Google Pay Collect Stamps Offer. Similarly, You can Earn 101 – 501 in Bank from Google Pay Go India Contest.

You have to Visit India in the form of Collecting Tickets on Google Pay & You will get a Chance to Win Free Money in Bank. We will Give Away some free Tickets for this Offer, So Don’t Miss to follow our Coolzdeals Telegram Channel, where we post amazing Loot Deals, Tricks & Offers.

Google Pay Go India Free City Tickets KM

This Offer is live for some Users only But from Below Trick, anyone can avail of this offer now. You have to Join Beta Version to Enable this Offer. See Step by Step Procedure from below & Earn Up to 501 in Bank.

You Can Visit any city Second time If you Visited Before. For Free Tickets, Join our Telegram Channel. We will Organize a Giveaway for Tickets.

Update – Visit Kolkata on 25th Dec & Earn up to 100 in Bank

Google Pay-Go India Kolkata Tickets Answers
  • Park Street
  • All of These
  • Shukto
  • Eden Garden
  • Never Open Gpay or Enter UPI to Receive Money
  • 1984
  • Rabindranath Tagore

1. Mother Teresa Sarani is decorated during X – Mas. How else do we know it?

Answer : Park Street

2. Puchka is also known as?

Answer : All of these

3. Which os the following is not a Bengali Sweet?

Answer : Shukto

4. The 3rd largest cricket stadium in the world (in kolkata) is known as?

Answer : Eden Gardens

5. Your receive a call on the Eve of Christmas stating that you have won a Rs.5 lakh “festive lottery”. You just need to scan a QR Code, enter your UPI PIN within the next 2 hours to claim it. You Should :

Answer : Never open GPay or enter UPI to Receive Money

6. Since when is the Kolkata Metro Operational?

Answer : 1984

7. At the Jorasanko Mansion, which Bengali legends’ home would you see?

Answer : Rabindranath Tagore

How to Start with Google Pay-Go India Contest?

Google Pay Go India Contest

  • After Joining Beta, You will get the Google Pay Update Option. Update it.
  • Open Google Pay and Visit Google Pay Go India from the Promotions Tab.

How to Play Google Pay Go India Contest? | Get Free City Tickets & KM in GPay Go India Contest

1. Firstly, Open Google Pay Go India Offer Page From the Given Link Below:

{Collect Go India City Tickets and KM}

Google Pay Go India Contest

2. Click on Enter Game Option.

4. Now, Select the Starting Point from Amritsar or Bengaluru. I Selected Amritsar and Then Click on the Let’s Go Option.

Google Pay Free KM

5. Click on the Gift Box & You will Get your First City Ticket and KM.

Google Pay Go India Free City Ticket

6. At this Point, every user will Get 2 City Tickets. I Got Dharamshala and Srinagar.

Google Pay Free City Ticket

7. You can Travel up to 3000 KM. Click on KM Option to see how you can collect more.

Google Pay Free KM

8. Move to Dashboard and Click on Dharamshala.

Google Pay Free City Ticket

9. You will Get one Photo for your First City Visit. You can Share your Collected Photos with friends to earn more City Tickets and KM.

Google Pay Free City Ticket

10. Follow the same for another city.

Google Pay Free City Ticket

11. Get back to Dashboard and Click on Ticket Icon to Get one More Extra Ticket.

12. You can Request the Tickets from your Friends or by Completing Google Pay Offers.

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How To Collect Free Google Pay Go India City Tickets?

1. You can Gift or Request your Go India City Tickets to your Friends & Family.

2. You can share Go India Photo or Map with your Friends & Family to Complete all Cities on Map.

Google Pay Go India Contest

Other Upcoming Ways to Collect City Tickets:

  • Recharge any Prepaid plan for Friends and Family.
  • You can Pay for Google Play Via Recharge Code or UPI.
  • Pay to Google Pay QRs in Shops or Online Merchants.
  • You can Pay bills like DTH, electricity Etc.
  • Buy Gold or Pay on the MakeMyTrip Spot.

How To Collect Free Google Pay Go India City Kilometers (KM)?

1. Firstly, Go to Dashboard and Click on Google Pay Go India KM Option. (Situated on Upper Right Corner)

2. You can Daily Open Google Pay Go India One Time to Get Free Morning Gift.

Google Pay Go India Contest

3. Gift a City Ticket to your Friends & Family and Get KM.

4. Share a Photo or Map and Get Free KM.

Other Upcoming Ways to Collect Kilometers:

  • Pay Friends on Google Pay.
  • Transfer to any Bank Account.
  • Pay to any UPI.

Google Pay Go India Offer Details :

  • Earn the Go India Champion reward Visit all the cities in the Go India game by 25 Nov 2020, 11:59 PM to earn the Go India Champion reward worth 101-501.
  • To visit a city in the game, collect both city tickets and kilometres (KM). The more you collect, the more cities you can visit.
  • City tickets and KM are given out randomly. You could collect any of the cities or KM through the different actions. Tap the ticket or KM icon to learn more.
  • You can collect a maximum of 1 city ticket or KM for paying to the same merchant or person in a day. Pay different recipients, get more!
  • Your KM will expire if not collected in the game within 48 hours from receiving.
  • You can visit up to 3 cities daily during the game period, so travel wisely!
  • If you don’t see collected tickets or KM in your game, just exit and open the game again. It may take up to an hour to appear.
  • You can also earn assured bonus rewards by taking part in city events throughout the game. Check Go India daily to find out about new events!
  • Each event will give you bonus KM or city tickets or an assured scratch card up to X100. There will be multiple events, so more rewards!
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