How to Change your IMEI In Android

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Hello Friends , I am Back with a new amazing tricks.We all are see some Unlimited tricks in many blogs.In Unlimited tricks authors says steps and in those steps one must required step is change IMEI.How to root your device without pc Read article in coolzdeals.So guys In this article i am posting What is IMEI ? What is benifite of Changing IMEI ?So guys follow my steps and you will change your IEMI number.

What is IMEI ?

IMEi is a Internationl Mobile Equipment Identity number that every mobile has it.Most of mobile phones are using 15 digits combination IMEI number , but in some cases you may find specific mobile phones that contain longer IMEI  numbers.It is usually found printed inside the battery compartment of the phone, but can also be displayed on-screen on most phones by entering “*#06#“on the dialpad, or You can find it in system information in setting menu in smartphones.IMEI number is really important when your cell phone is reported for stolen or lost.The IMEI number is used by a GSM network to identify valid devices and therefore can be used for stopping a stolen phone from accessing that network.The police or the mobile phone company can blacklist phone from accessing some specific network.After Changing IMEI your phone has anew IMEI and this new IMEI is not listed mobile companies list .

What is benefits of Changing IMEI ?

  1. You can unlock your mobile on certain network.
  2. You will get to receive the latest software update for your OS (Operating system) and can download and install the update.Once you have rooted your device, you won’t be able to receive latest software update unless you have to unroot your device.
  3. Your smartphone still acts like a new android device with new features.

What is Disadvantages Of Changing IMEI ?

  1. It is Illegal Process
  2. It may damage your mobile phone.
  3. You lost true ownership or right of your devices.

How to change IMEI In Android ?

If You have decided you want to change your IMEI then you must have to follow some steps.

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  1. First of all you have to Download and Install Xposed Framework – CLICK HERE
  2. After install it now Click on Framework and install it .
  3. Now you have to give root permission to app and reboot your device.
  4. After reboot Download IMEI changer – CLICK HERE
  5. After install IMEI changer now you have to open Xposed framework and enable IMEI changer module then reboot once again.
  6. After reboot you have to open IMEI changer and enter IMEI Which you want and Click on save.
  7. Now turn on your airplane mode and off your airplane mode then reboot your phone.
  8. Now Check IMEI number.
  9. Your IMEI nuber will changed.
  10. check IMEI – *#06# 

Note : IMEI changing is illegal.This is only Educational purpose. Coolzdeals is not responsible for any thing happen with you.


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