How to root Android without PC/Computer (5-Ways)

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Hello Coolzdeals Readers,Now A days people are searching what is root ? , how can i root my device ? ,What is advantages of Root Device ?,what is disadvantages ? .So, Friends coolzdeals team is decided we have to post on this topic and remove your confusions. we have also giving your question’s answers.People are searching how can i root my android without pc/Computer ? So friends today i am telling you how you can root your device without pc/computer.In this post i am giving you 5 ways to root your device.We are afraid of rooting our mobiles because of warranty may get void.So guys i have root many phones but all phones are working so good without any issues.I can give some application which is use for root android devices.i will tell you some easy steps for how to root your MTK devices without pc/Computers.There are many applications are available use for root device.After rooting your mobile your mobile is boost up and You can unlock it for doing various experiment and many more.Below i have giving you some app Framaroot,Vroot,Towelroot,Kingroot etc.So guys read full artical and root your android phone.There are many methods are available like TWRP,Flash supersu zip method But this method required pc /Computer foe root your phone.I have added some apk link and method which can help you root your device without any issues.

How to root Android without PC/Computer (7-Ways)

There are many android users don’t have any computer/pc .I have make this post for those people who dont have pc.Sometime we don’t have pc and we want to root our device then this methods are use for root your device without pc.I have mentions 5 method which can help for rooting your device.So guys i can recommend you to must try it. I hope you will get success definetly.

What is Root ?

Android is Os (Operating system) Where you don’t have full or complete access to perform various fuctions on your smartphone.Rooting is process where you can get full access of your phone.After rooting your phone you can perform various functions like remove system app , customize it and make some changes in system file .After rooting your phone you can remove limitations of your phone.First of you must question in your mind why we are rooting your phone and what is advantages and disadvantages of rooting your phone.Some peoples are rooting their smartphones without knowledge,After they are brick their smartphone by uninstalling some important system app.So guys you don’t have a knowledge of rooting smartphone then this article for you.You must read full article and then perform actions on your smart phone.I hope you must get success.

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Before Rooting your phone you must have to Some requirement

  • Device powered on.
  • At least 50% battery level.
  • backup your data (messages,contact etc)
  • Internet connection necessary (Wi-Fi network).
  • Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.


What is advantages of rooting your phone ?

We all are thinking why we are doing this ? what is benefit we will get ?Same questions arise in your mind why we are rooting our smartphone So i will give you some advantages for rooting your smartphones.Below i have describe some advantage of rooting your phone first of all read it.

Main Advantages – You can do any changes in your smartphone

  • You can access all files of your mobile, whether they are present in the root directory of your storage or any where else, by giving root permissions, you can Edit or Delete any file of your system.
  • You can increase your mobile performance by over clock it, by changing the frequency of CPU of your android mobile, by which you can increasing your phone performance while you are playing games or multitasking.
  • You can also increasing battery life using under clocking CPU of your android mobile.
  • You can also install custom rom to change feel of your android version like  Cyanoges or AOSP rom.Which will increase android version.So you can get new features of your smartphone.
  • You can also using some best app which can use after rooting your smartphone.There are more then 50 applications you can use after smartphone.
  • Some pre-installed app (System app) which can slow our device,you can not Uninstall app without rooting your phone.After root your phone you can uninstall your system applications.
  • You can also increase your internal Memory ,ram without any issues.


What is disadvantages rooting your phone ?

We all know that all object have advantages and disadvantages.Same as rooting your phone gives you many advantages but you have to face some disadvantages.

Main Disadvantages – Root Void warranty

  • Your phone may be bricked and it will never turn on.So be careful before root your android smartphone.It may damage your phone.
  • Rooting your phone is illegal process so it will void your phone warranty.
  • Rooting your phone can create you data lose.
  • You will not able to update your phone to the latest update via OTA.
  • There is a loss of privacy,as third party ROMS and applications can misuse of root permissions.


                1.>>  Framaroot – Root Without Pc/Computers

Framaroot: This is number #1 application when we talk about root your phone without pc.This applications root almost devices which support their algorithm. Framaroot is applications which can allows to you to root your phone without any kind of problems.  Framaroot app is developed by alphazain who was from XDA forums.This app supported one click of this app and root your phone and install Superuser and SU binary.

Steps for root your phone withour pc with Framaroot :

1.First of Download Framaroot application – CLICK HERE

2.Install apk from your phone and open framaroot.

3.Now you have to Click on Boromir and Wait till.It does not show message “Su Installed successfully”

If you are facing some error then you have to try another app.


                      2.>>  Universal Android root – Root your phone without pc

Universal Android root : There is a second app which is use for rooting your android phone without using pc.This app is popular for root your smartphone.this application is very good for rooting your phone

Steps Foe root your phone without pc with Universal android root :

1.First of all Download Universal Android root – CLICK HERE

2.Install it in your android Phone. (Make sure you have enabled Unknown Sources).

3.Now you have to open Universal android root.

4.Click on Root to begin rooting process.

Note : Before rooting your phone you must have to check that you have selected correct android device.Otherwise,it will nor root your phone.


                                                   3.>>  iRoot – Root your phone without pc

iRoot – This is easiest method to root your phone without using pc/Computer. This app is developed by Mgyun team who had also released vRoot app for root phones.This is iRoot applications is supported almost all android devices.This app is supported android 2.2 to 4.4 running devices to root it without pc.

Steps Foe root your phone without pc with iRoot :
  1. First of all download iRoot – CLICK HERE
  2. Now Click on this file and install it in your android phone.
  3. Open iRoot application in your android phone.
  4. Tap on “I Agree”
  5. Click on Root button in the iRoot app.
  6. It will Root your successfully.


                                         4.>> Z4Root – root your phone without pc

Z4Root: This is best and old application which is use for root your android without using pc.It is easy to use this app.This applications is developed by XDA. Z4Root app root almost all devices.If you are using Android mobile from company Like Micromax,Lava ,Xolo,Spice then you must have to try this.

​Steps Foe root your phone without pc with Z4Root :
  1. First of all Download Z4Root – CLICK HERE
  2. Install Z4Root  in your android phone.
  3. Open Z4Root app in your phone
  4. Now click on Root button.
  5. Wait for couple of seconds to make sure that Z4Root has completed it’s job.
  6. simply Restart your phone its done.

                                     5.>> Towel Root : Root your Phone Without pc

Towel Root : Towel root is another application which is use for root your android without pc.This applications is specially made for kitkat 4.4.2 version.This app is also work on samsung smart phone.You can also root HTC devices like HTC One M7 without using PC.

​Steps Foe root your phone without pc with Towel Root :
  1. First of all, Take backup of your android device.
  2. Now you have to download Towel root – CLICK HERE
  3. Install it in your android device.
  4. Open Towel Root and click on “Make it Rain”
  5. Wait some time, It will take some minutes to install Su library in your android device.


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