(New Airdrop) Complete Small Quiz Of CMC & Get Free Sushi $1 Tokens = Free ₹75

Sushi Airdrop

Hello Guys, New Airdrop is launched you all can win Free $1 by just completing quiz. Like other Airdrop from which you all redeemed Free Money, Sushi Airdrop is in Market.

First 50000 Users can get Free 1 Dollar from Sushi Airdrop. We have added all answers to the questions of quiz. Follow step by step procedure & Wait for Reward of Rs.75.


How to get Free Rs.75 from Sushi Airdrop?

1. Firstly, Visit This Coinmarketcap Quiz:

Click Here

2. Click on Start Now & There Will Be 14 Questions in it.

3. Agree to T&C. Give Your Email Address Of Coinmarketcap In the 4th Step Which You Used to Create Coinmarketcap Account

4. Enter your Binance ID In 5th Step

Now, You will see Quiz, Answer from below & You can try yourself to give answers by research.

Question 1– Sushi.com helps you take advantage of your idle cryptocurrency by providing tools that earn you ____?*This field is required.

Answer is – Interest

Question 2– What do you need to unlock the power of DeFi on Sushi.com?*

Answer is – A Wallet With Crypto Currency Token in it

Question 3– All of the transaction fees earned by Sushi are paid to whom?*

Answer is – A Sushi Liquidity Providers

Question 4– If you want to provide liquidity to the SUSHI-WETH pair and have $100 in SUSHI tokens, what is the maximum amount of WETH you need?*

Answer is – $100

Question 5– What do you need to do first to become a yield farmer?*

Answer is – Provide Liquidity

Question 6– How are you paid for being a farmer on Sushi?*

Answer is – with SUSHI Tokens

Question 7– Becoming a farmer on Sushi has which benefits?*

Answer is – All Of The Above

Question 8– Did you start your new income stream by Adding Liquidity to Sushi?*

Answer is – YES

5. After giving answers, Open CoinmarketCap, Search for SushiSwap.

6. Finally Add SushiSwap to Your “Public Watchlist” (URL/Link).

7. Click on Submit & Done !

8. You Will Rewarded With Free SUSHI Tokens With $1.

You can hold sushi for better price in future.

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