The Hindu Premium offer: subscription for FREE or at Just ₹1 | Paytm offer

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The Hindu Premium subscription FREE

The Hindu Premium offer – Hello! It is great to hear about a free premium subscription offer for The Hindu through Paytm. Offering such subscriptions can be an excellent way for users to access premium content and stay informed. If there are specific steps or details you would like to share about how users can avail of this offer through Paytm, feel free to provide more information. For exciting offers, we recommend you to join our Telegram Channel.

The Hindu Premium offer: subscription for FREE or at Just ₹1 | Paytm offer

That is a complete overview of The Hindu Digital access subscription. The inclusion of unlimited access to all content on across various platforms, personalized article recommendations, quick briefings, and access to exclusive premium articles makes it a valuable subscription for those seeking a more in-depth and tailored news experience.

Benefits of The Hindu Premium Subscription:

  • Unlimited Access: Accessible via the website (desktop and mobile) or mobile apps (iOS and Android) without limitations.
  • Minimal Ads: Offers a clean and clutter-free reading experience by minimizing advertisements.
  • Today’s Paper: Includes all the stories featured in the print daily, presented in a distraction-free space.
  • Curated Content: Provides three news briefings a day, offering a curated selection of relevant and important news.
  • Premium Articles: Subscribers enjoy exclusive access to premium articles that are available only to those who subscribe.

How to get The Hindu Premium subscription for FREE

1. Ensure you have the latest version of the Paytm app (Update from Playstore).

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2. Log in to your Paytm account.

3. Navigate to the cashback & offers section.

4. Click on OTT & more from the top menu.

5. Look for The Hindu Premium subscription offer.

6. Redeem the subscription using your points.

7. Receive a coupon code.

8. Click on Redeem Now and go to the Brand website.

9. Subscribe and enter your email ID.

10. Apply the coupon code during the plan page checkout.

11. Pay Rs.1 on the Brand Website during checkout.

12. Subscription activation is complete.

Terms and Conditions

1. The offer includes a subscription for The Hindu Digital and e-Paper, accessible on any device with an internet connection and web browser at a specific URL.

2. To activate the subscription, a payment of Rs.1 is required, providing one month’s access. After one month, automatic renewal occurs at Rs.299 unless canceled.

3. Users can cancel the subscription after the initial period to stop future payments and revoke access to The Hindu Digital & e-Paper.

4. Supported payment modes include debit and credit cards.

5. Subscriptions are non-transferable and valid on the brand website.

6. Apple or Android smartphone users can avail of the subscription by making purchases via a web browser on their devices.

7. The offer is valid once per user.

8. Detailed terms and conditions are available for reference.


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